Poročilo investicij za leto 2017 in debata s političnimi strankami o prihodnosti startupov v Sloveniji

Lansko leto je bilo spet rekordno. Kako zelo rekordno, zakaj, od kod, in kam to pelje, si bomo pogledali na zdaj že tradicionalnem druženju, ki pa bo letos malce drugače potekalo.

Ker smo tako blizu volitvam, in ker je stanje zakonodaje za startupe že deset let nespremenjeno, bomo predstavitev popisa investicij združili z okroglo mizo s predstavniki večjih strank.

Dogodek bo v sredo, 4.4.2018, ob 17:00, ampak: udeležba bo omejena na vnaprej vabljene, registracije dokler so se karte tule: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/prihodnost-startupov-v-sloveniji-tickets-44711651754

…vse člane skupnosti pa zelo zelo lepo vabimo da sodelujejo na sledečih kanalih:

  1. pred dogodkom sprejemamo vprasanja tule: https://goo.gl/forms/66eXMh4IXRKYu3nB3
  2. dogodek bo prenašan v živo: https://www.vzivo.si/
  3. spremljali bomo Twitter #silicongardens

Popis investicij je že narejen, dostop do njega bo odklenjen pol ure pred dogodkom na teh straneh.




new survey results – 500M in 5 years

2017 was another record year for slovenian founders, with $140M raised globally, which brings us to $500M raised in mere 5 years since the ecosystem and this survey started.

This year’s key driver were ICO’s, but they were not alone.

Read more here

Or watch unveiling live here

2016 overview and announcing Dealbook

we have completed another overview of another great year of global fundraising activities of slovenian entrepreneurs. summary is here: /ecosystem2016/

news was graciously picked up by everyone:

but what is even more exciting is the launch of Dealbook.si, a central database of all slovenian startup activities, with big thanks to d-labs for making it happen.

now everyone, please go and fix records of your startup activities 😉

Morning Talk with Ken Lynch, CEO of Reciprocity

This Friday morning we have a special opportunity for a relaxed chat with a relaxed dude from California who has seen the world but is not a hippie: “Every founder needs a guiding star to weather the sometimes brutally stormy startup seas. What’s yours?

Hear about a journey from the Himalayan mountains to successful enterprise software startup, and enjoy a cup of coffee with Ken Lynch, tech founder and CEO of Reciprocity, a San Francisco based startup.

Ken recently opened an engineering office in Ljubljana. He started Reciprocity to explore building political-economic infrastructure, and his exploration has led him to the strange world of compliance, landing top-tier customers along the way.”

Free tickets available in the usual place, event also in the usual place at the usual time: Slamic, Kersnikova ulica, Ljubljana, start after 8am

Startup Ecosystem 2014

After weeks of hard work collecting information from all possible sources, we finally published our traditional annual infographic report from the activities in the ecosystem in the past year.

It is available here.

The feedback so far was overwhelmingly positive, and all media reported it, and people are having good conversations in comment threads.

  • http://www.rtvslo.si/gospodarstvo/slovenska-zagonska-podjetja-lani-zbrala-53-milijonov-evrov/357511
  • http://www.dnevnik.si/posel/zaposl/slovenski-startupi-lani-do-vec-kot-60-milijonov-dolarjev
  • http://www.delo.si/gospodarstvo/podjetja/slovenski-startupi-lani-zbrali-60-8-milijona-dolarjev.html
  • http://www.startaj.si/8816887/Start-upi-Slovencev-lani-zbrali-60-milijonov-dolarjev-investicij
  • http://www.netokracija.si/slovenski-startup-ekosistem-2014-infografika-94734
  • https://krog.sta.si/2099979/slovenski-startupi-lani-do-vec-kot-60-milijonov-dolarjev
  • http://www.siol.net/novice/gospodarstvo/2015/02/pregled_slovenskih_startupov_v_letu_2014.aspx

Meet Andrej Vckovski, Netcetera

On Tuesday at 18.30 you will have a chance to talk with Andrej Vckovski, CEO and co-founder of Netcetera, one of the top SW companies in Switzerland.

Netcetera has 350 employees and with offices in 4 different countries – Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and United Arab Emirates. You can find more about Andrej @ http://ch.linkedin.com/pub/andrej-vckovski/1/589/366 and about Netcetera @ www.netcetera.com

This is an open networking event for entrepreneurs.

Location: Dvorni bar

Time: Tuesday, 18. November, 18.30

Please RSVP on Eventbrite

Special thanks to Darko Butina for facilitating the visit and the event.

Silicon Gardens Fund Announces Its First 5 Investments

October 9th, Ljubljana, Slovenia — Silicon Gardens Fund is announcing its first set of 5 investments. The fund launched in May of this year and it has already seen a steady flow of high potential regional teams who are capable and willing to take their companies to the next level. 

Peter Ribarič, the general manager of the fund, said “It’s amazing to be able to find 5 high potential companies in the first four months of fund’s existence. We were certainly hoping that this could happen, but now we have empirical proof that there is enough talent and innovation for private investors to back at an early stage.”

The first additions to Silicon Gardens’ portfolio are:
Sqwiz – New way for small businesses active on Facebook to build and maintain their website. Taking part in Wayra London incubator. http://sqwiz.com
Povio – Re-envisioning photo sharing. Took part in Y Combinator incubator. http://povio.com
Flaviar – Discover, taste and buy fine spirits. http://flaviar.com
Getta.pro – Making booking and billing easy for personal sport trainers. http://getta.pro
Sphericam – Building affordable 360 degree cameras enabling content creation for Oculus Rifthttp://sphericam.com

Slovenia and the wider CEE region are proving to be an excellent source of innovative ideas and extremely determined teams ready to take on global markets. Silicon Gardens Fund is excited and honored by the trust expressed by its investees.

Luka Pečavar, founder of Sqwiz describes the relationship with the fund as “having an older brother that tells you about all the stupid things he has already done, so you don’t repeat them and at the same time getting you a date with his schoolmate’s sister.”

Silicon Gardens Fund is focused on adding value by providing experience, coaching and business connections to entrepreneurs in early stage technology startups. The Fund’s main investors are entrepreneurs from the region. Also joining are established U.S. investors who believe in the potential of the region. The Fund is betting that the combination of top local talent and the world class investor network can lead to amazing outcomes. 

Druženje s Carlosom Espinalom iz Seedcampa

Dvorni bar, cetrtek, 18. september ob 20.30

19. septembra se bo v Ljubljani v organizaciji Netokracije in iniciative Start:up Slovenija zgodil Mini Seedcamp, na predvečer dogodka pa ste vabljeni na neformalno druženje s Carlosom Eduardom Espinalom, partnerjem v Seedcampu. Carlos piše tudi zanimiv blog na thedrawingboard.me.

Spoznajte Seedcamp ekipo in se nam pridružite v Dvornem baru!

Mini Seedcamp
Tehnološki park
19. september 2014 ob 9.00

Tokrat je Mini Seedcamp dogodek odprt za javnost, vstop je brezplačen, vstopnice lahko rezervirate tukaj. Prisluhnite pitchom desetih izbranih ekip, predavanju Carlosa Espinala ter zanimivi okrogli mizi na temo startupov, ki izdelujejo hardware.

meetup with yann girard

tuesday, 9/9/2014 at 1930, in daktari, ljubljana

informal meetup, with special guest yann girard, who is visiting on invitation by tp-lj..

just come and exchange experiences!

Silicon Gardens Fund

A group of entrepreneurs is launching Silicon Gardens Fund – a micro fund focused on investing in early stage startups coming from Slovenia and broader region.

“In the last few years we’ve seen amazing companies from the region – Celtra, Outfit7, Bitstamp and more. I believe this could be just the beginning. Silicon Gardens Fund will help accelerate young ambitious teams toward their full potential.” said Jugoslav Petković, one of the fund’s principal investors.

Silicon Gardens Fund’s aim is to help startup founders grow their teams, ideas and businesses at the very beginning of their journey and enable them to compete on an international stage. Its principal investors are young entrepreneurs themselves and they will be actively involved in helping the portfolio companies.


The Fund’s main investors are entrepreneurs from the region, among them Gregor Rebolj of Klika/Sportradar, Borut Rismal of Pasadena, Boštjan Špetič of Zemanta and others [www.silicongardens.si/angelski-sklad]. Also joining are established U.S. investors who believe in the potential of the region – Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Jerry Colonna and Paul Vidich.

“Every startup community has to be led by entrepreneurs. This fund is an example of entrepreneurs stepping forward to do exactly that.” said Brad Feld, investor and author of the book Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City.


Fund’s focus will be on adding value by providing experience, coaching and business connections to entrepreneurs in early stage technology startups. The Fund is betting that the combination of top local talent and the world class investor network can lead to amazing outcomes.

Investment plan

The Fund will invest €20 to 40 thousand in 5 to 10 companies in the first year. The main goal will be to enable early stage teams with high growth potential to explore international markets, validate their ideas and get ready for further funding.

Open source legal structure

“This is the first fund of its kind in Slovenia. Its legal structure was a major effort to set-up.” said Fund’s general manager Peter Ribarič. “We want to increase investment activity in the region, so we will operate very transparently. For example, we will open source Fund’s legal documentation in an effort to pave the way for other investors and set standards on how startup investing in the region should be done.”


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