Silicon Gardens Fund

Silicon Gardens Fund


Silicon Gardens Fund’s aim is to help startup founders grow their teams, ideas and businesses at the very beginning of their journey and enable them to compete on an international stage. Its principal investors are young entrepreneurs themselves and will be actively involved in helping the portfolio companies.


Fund’s focus will be on adding value by providing experience, coaching and business connections to entrepreneurs in early stage technology startups. The Fund is betting that the combination of top local talent and the world class investor network can lead to amazing outcomes.

Investment plan

The Fund will invest €20 to 40 thousand in 5 to 10 companies in the first year. The main goal will be to enable early stage teams with high growth potential to explore international markets, validate their ideas and get ready for further funding.


The first additions to Silicon Gardens’ portfolio are:

  1. Sqwiz – New way for small businesses active on Facebook to build and maintain their website. Taking part in Wayra London incubator.
  2. Povio – Re-envisioning photo sharing. Took part in Y Combinator incubator.
  3. Flaviar – Discover, taste and buy fine spirits.
  4. – Making booking and billing easy for personal sport trainers.
  5. Sphericam – Building affordable 360 degree cameras enabling content creation for Oculus Rift.
  6. Eurosender – simplest way for parcel shipping across Europe.
  7. Mediately – mobile directory of drugs.
  8. Nooscale – online marketplace for nootropics.
  9. Squrb – SaaS management console for SaaS.

The Deal

The Fund invests €20,000 to €40,000 in cash for 5% – 15% equity share.

In additon we assign a mentor to the startup. Mentor is one of the investment commitee members or other investors in the fund. Role of the mentor is to facilitate knowledge transfer and utilise the investors social network for the benefit of the startup.


The Fund’s main investors are entrepreneurs from the region. Also joining are established U.S. investors who believe in the potential of the region.

Investor Company
Andraž Tori Zemanta d.o.o. (Co Founder)
Borut Rismal CHS d.o.o., Založba Pasadena d.o.o. (Co Founder)
Brad Feld Foundry Group (
Darko Butina BUDS svetovanje d.o.o. (
Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures (
Gregor Rebolj Sportradar AS, Klika d.o.o. (Co Founder)
Jerry Colonna Life/business coach (
Jugoslav Petković (Co Founder of
Paul Vidich Reverbnation, Betaworks (Former Executive at Warner & AOL)
Peter Ribarič HRM d.o.o. (Co Founder)
Zvone Jagodic Nepremicnine Novi Forum d.o.o. (Co Founder of
Zvone Malnar (Co Founder of Gora Informacijske rešitve d.o.o.)
Enetel Solutions d.o.o., Serbia; Tamara Markićević, CEO local privately owned, systems integrator that has started angel investing (
Damijan Merlak co-founder of BitStamp, worlds leading bitcoin exchane (
Andrej Bratko co-founder of Klika and Director of Mobile Gaming at Sportradar AG (
Bostjan Spetic Evangelist of Regional Startup Community and a co-founder of Zemanta (,
Lado Crnologar private investor and a co-founder of Mimovrste d.o.o., a leading regional e-commerce site (,
Tilen Travnik COO of D.Labs, a web application development and internet business development company (
Miklič Mark Makarij
Dujič Darko CEO & partner Ceneje Group; founder LaNaja IDS d.o.o.

Fund Information

Silicon Gardens, investments, LLC (Short name: Silicon Gardens LLC)

Silicijevi vrtovi, investiranje, d.o.o.(Short name: Silicijevi vrtovi d.o.o.)

Address: Likozarjeva ulica 3, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Fund Manager: Peter Ribarič

Fund Investment Committee:

  • Jugoslav Petković, president
  • Andraž Tori, member
  • Gregor Rebolj, member
  • Borut Rismal, member


Application & Contact

Looking for an investment or just advice? Apply with one of the Fund Investment Committee members and invite him for a coffee and chat or go ahead and fill out an application

You can help us by covering the below areas in your contact request:

  1. Business Idea (in 200 words)
  2. Team (with links to bios)
  3. Product or Service (one sentence)
  4. Competition (main competitors with links)
  5. Differentiation (what is different about your business)
  6. Business Model (how are you going to make money)
  7. Customers (who are your customers, how you will reach them)
  8. What have you done so far (product, service, website, MVP, first customers, …)
  9. Expectations (what do you expect from us)

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