Morning Talk with Ken Lynch, CEO of Reciprocity

This Friday morning we have a special opportunity for a relaxed chat with a relaxed dude from California who has seen the world but is not a hippie: “Every founder needs a guiding star to weather the sometimes brutally stormy startup seas. What’s yours?

Hear about a journey from the Himalayan mountains to successful enterprise software startup, and enjoy a cup of coffee with Ken Lynch, tech founder and CEO of Reciprocity, a San Francisco based startup.

Ken recently opened an engineering office in Ljubljana. He started Reciprocity to explore building political-economic infrastructure, and his exploration has led him to the strange world of compliance, landing top-tier customers along the way.”

Free tickets available in the usual place, event also in the usual place at the usual time: Slamic, Kersnikova ulica, Ljubljana, start after 8am

Ljubljana Tech Meetup #2

zacenjamo jesensko sezono dogodkov, in to kar danes - od sedmih dalje v Dvornem baru v stari Ljubljani. 
Se opravicujem za pozno obvestilo, ampak slucajno potuje skozi Ljubljano britanski angel Richair Muirhead, pa bi bilo skoda ne izkoristiti prilike. 
vreme ni izgovor!

vec o Richardu:

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